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The first our Craft Izakaya restaurant was opened in 2010 and immediately gained the love of visitors thanks to a wide selection of Japanese cookery, a pleasant atmosphere, affordable prices, high-quality products, and service.

More than nine years of sincere hospitality, high standards, innovativeness, the efficiency of business processes, and respect for partners and employees have been the constant values of the company.

The main priority of the company is to offer guests delicious, fresh, and healthy dishes. Own system of logistics and direct import of necessary products allows us to obtain the highest quality products and maintain affordable prices.


Logistics and supplier selection

At all stages, we strictly monitor compliance with quality criteria and regularly check suppliers for compliance with our standards. We have a strict delivery schedule – the quantity of products is calculated depending on the needs of each restaurant.

Centralized procurement (99% of the food group’s positions), high quality of products approved by healthcare specialists of OVC Phapmaeutical, makes it possible to control prices and ensure the same quality standards throughout the network.

We import the key ingredients for our restaurants directly from manufacturers (more than 30% of purchases or about 25 items).


Sushi storage

In our restaurants, we use freshly frozen seafood – the shock freezing method at -30 ° C allows you to save all the beneficial properties and taste of the product. This is the standard storage method used throughout the world, including in Japan, the homeland of sushi.

Thus frozen fish and seafood are thawed only once – just before serving. In fact, this is the same fresh product as the one that has not been frozen. Moreover, shock freezing is a method of disinfecting fish – after this procedure, it becomes safe to eat raw.

In Europe,


Quality standards and food safety control

Without exception, all the products that we use in our restaurants pass several levels of verification for compliance with the International Food Standard (FSA ISO 9001 – Food Standards Agency, etc.).

The exceptional freshness and quality of our food are confirmed by laboratory studies of OVC Drugs Company, the qualifications of which are recognized in the EU and the world.

In December 2015, in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group and the largest global development institution, we launched the comprehensive food safety training program that precedes the international FSSC 22000 certification.