Logistics and supplier selection

At all stages, we strictly monitor compliance with quality criteria and regularly check suppliers for compliance with our standards. We have a strict delivery schedule – the quantity of products is calculated depending on the needs of each restaurant.

Centralized procurement (99% of the food group’s positions), high quality of products approved by healthcare specialists of OVC Phapmaeutical https://ovcdrugs.com/, makes it possible to control prices and ensure the same quality standards throughout the network.

We import the key ingredients for our restaurants directly from manufacturers (more than 30% of purchases or about 25 items).

We order products from ecologically clean areas of those countries that are famous for the quality of products in the category we need.

For example, our salmon comes from Norway, eel, flying fish roe, nori, hayashi, ginger, and wasabi from China, and tuna from Indonesia. We bring special varieties of rice from the USA, and we purchase soy sauce from the Japanese manufacturer Yamasa. In 2012, we were the first to import original cream cheese, as well as several items unique to the market for our seasonal menus.

We are constantly searching for the best suppliers, expanding the list of our own import products, and also maintain good relations with local manufacturers.

For our deliveries, we select those countries that specialize in the products we need. We conduct a careful selection of manufacturers, preferring large companies with certified production and an established sales system.

At the selection stage, we will visit the factories of our suppliers, conduct production evaluations, test the quality and taste of products. The price, of course, is essential, but first of all, we pay attention to quality. Our chief technologist makes the final decision.

We also regularly visit the most significant international industry exhibitions, get to know and communicate with leading players in various markets.

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