Sushi storage

In our restaurants, we use freshly frozen seafood – the shock freezing method at -30 ° C allows you to save all the beneficial properties and taste of the product. This is the standard storage method used throughout the world, including in Japan, the homeland of sushi.

Thus frozen fish and seafood are thawed only once – just before serving. In fact, this is the same fresh product as the one that has not been frozen. Moreover, shock freezing is a method of disinfecting fish – after this procedure, it becomes safe to eat raw.

In Europe, for example, it is strictly forbidden to eat raw fish that has not undergone a shock freezing procedure.

We follow the most stringent international standards solely on our
own initiative and are very proud that we can ensure the absolute quality and safety of all our products – not just fish and other seafood.

Safety, freshness, and quality parameters are subject to constant internal control in restaurants and are also checked during regular audits.

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